This is for our new "LK Brand Reps". This is hand picked by Lauren Kenzie her self. She will look through your IG account to see what styles you would like best.


Heres whats included in the packages:



2 X Necklaces

2 X Earrings

2 X Ring

2 X Braclet

1 X LK Smiley Face T-Shirt




2 X Necklace

2 X Earrings

1 X Ring

1 X Braclet




1 X Necklace

1 X Earrings

1 X Ring


LK Brand Rep Package

SKU: 000088
PriceFrom $34.99
  • All brand reps must take a picture when they recive their box on social media and tag us in it #laurenkenzie

    Also please share your referal codes so that everyone seeing your post about us will be able to use your code and they will also get 10% OFF the total of their orders.

    If you ever have any questions or need help with anything pleae reach out to "Drew Brewer" in the "Lauren Kenzie Brand Rep" group on Facebook.